How to choose Company Name

The following are the main 5 tips for choosing a perfect name for your company:

1. Memorable or easy to spell:
   If you want your prospects/customers to remember your business name it is very important to have a
   memorable and easy to spell name. But they also need to be able to find it easily if they’re looking for it in
   a phone book, directory or online. 
   I suggest do not choose anything like "tekinshwynkon". Its a bad idea!!

2. Winning visuality:
   The name should be such that everyone could visualize when they read your business name.

3. Positive connotation:
   It should be "Takeoffs" not "Landings"!

4. Reflection of your Business:
   The name should reflect about your business/work area.Including information about what your business  
   does in your business name also makes it easier for potential customers and/or clients to find your business 
    in phone books and directories (both off and online).

5. Fairly short:
    Once again this is vital because you want customers and clients to be able to remember your business’s 
    name (and be able to tell other people what it is)! But it’s also important for promotional purposes. 

    You want a business name, for example, that will fit well on a business card, look good displayed on a 
    sign or in an ad, and perhaps even a business name that will serve well as a domain name and show up 
    well in search if you have an online business. So keep it as short as possible.

NOTE: think about colors when you’re choosing a business name. Colours will be an important component of your business logo and other business promotion materials and your business web site, and colors have strong emotional associations, too. Red, for instance, is an aggressive color; its fiery elements are associated with speed, excitement and passion while green is a calming color associated with growth, renewal and nature. 


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