International Airlines Training Expo 2012

August 13, 14, 15 Indore

Will   Be   Live    very    soon

1st ever in the history of  Aviation Education of Indore, the International Airline Training Expo  [ IATE 2010]  is organizing  for the benefit of overseas Aviation Academies  and Aviation aspiring Indian students. It is a very useful platform for the students to know about different Aviation programs conducted by different Academies  of various countries.  IATE 2010 is an effective medium for overseas Academies  to reach Indian students en masse by presenting their facilities of the institution and features of their course.  IATE 2010 also creates excellent opportunities for the Indian students to clarify and to know better about any particular institution by face to face interaction with the institution. The idea behind this Expo is bring all kind of Aviation  orgsnisations              [ Training providers, Placement Agencies, Airlines / Charter companies and Banks providing Aviation Education Loan ]  under one roof.

About  Organisor [ AsiaticAir ]

Asiatic International Aviation Corp [Asiatic Air] is a group of Pilots, Airlines Professionals & Aviation organizations working in collaboration with many Aviation leaders worldwide for the smooth growth of Aviation activities in Asia. Asiatic International Aviation Corp  [Asiatic Air] is affiliated to the Aviation Atlanta, Career Pilot School & USA , Mountain City Aviation  School Canada,  Asian Aerospace College “Colombo”, Aircrew Flight Training Academy and Clark Aviation, Eagle Air Academy Philippines . The basic aim of AsiaticAir  is to promote all kind of Airlines and Aviation related activities under one roof. Asiatic is the first Organization of its kind to offer an International level Ground Training under one roof. The Academy is committed to produce Professionals for Airlines industry that will be Pilot In Command and Airlines Manager of tomorrow. . The basic aim of AsiaticAir is to promote new Aviation Training Academies of USA & Philippines on World Wide Web.   For all types of Pilot jobs AsiaticAir is an official partner with  . AsiaticAir is an ISO 9001:2000  certified organization recruits students for overseas Aviation courses. It has got about 10 alliances in USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, New Zealand, S. Africa,  Singapore and Australia. As a premier Aviation counselor, we have sent more than 650 students in a span of last eight  years.

AsiaticAir has created a niche in the market by offering professional and genuine guidance to its students. The expo will be a successful one as it is a focused one and first of its kind in India.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality of training to Pilots by teaching the fundamentals and core values that will make them the best professionals in the field. In carrying out this mission, we must be committed to maintain and continuously improve our ideas and knowledge that will effectively promote the highest standards.

International Airline Training Expo  (IATE 2012)

As per various International studies, the present Indian Aviation Sector projection is  a very optimistic as  follows:

Current Passenger & Cargo Traffic Coupling Future Prediction

Air passenger and Cargo movements both in the domestic and International  circuits signaling an encouraging surpass of the figures of past years, the existing trend soars up with high hopes as to future enhanced movements and demands.

It is clean estimation that the Indian domestic passenger traffic shall touch approximately 80,000,00  by January  2011 as against earlier-year 60,000,00. Added to this will be the prop in International passenger traffic to touch 38,000,00 superseding last year’s 35,000,00.

Plans of the Airlines at Meeting the Current & Future Demands-

Leading private Carrier - Paramount Airlines is going in for increasing its daily operations to around 120 flights to net a 67% growth by 2010 end. Likewise, Kingfisher Airlines owning an extensive network with a share of 21% in this air traffic sector, besides competing admirably with British Airways coursing through two London routes with an added competition with Cathay Pacific on two Hong Kong routes, is bidding to add five A350s by 2014 furthering its existing strength of five Airbus 380s.

Spicejet acquiring five new aircraft this year is also to retain its hiring agency as in addition. SIMILAR ARE THE PLANS OF THE OTHER LOW-COST CARRIERS as IndiGo and Go Air. Perked by these, 12-15 new entrant aircraft by 2010-end should emerge still more to fortify these low cost carriers.

Towards Required and Sophisticated Infrastructure

India’s Auto major MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA - (M&M), has entered the AEROSPACE business picking up 75.1 percent stake each in two Australian Aerospace firms for 39 million with a plan for making aircraft and allied components to service the global market including the Indian Defence requirements.

BOEING, on its side, has advanced with a joint venture with Air India calendaring the construction of a $100 million aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) Centre in Nagpur.  Prior to the commencement of this construction, the second quarter of 2011 will find Boeing delivering the first Dreamliner to Air India.

JET AIRWAYS, the largest Private Airlines Operator, on an approval in principle as accorded by its Board to secure 26 per cent stake in Hyderabad-based MAS GMR Aerospace Engineering Company Limited’ is forging ahead seeking the required statutory and regulatory Approvals and clearances. This venture covers its participation in airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul activities on a 10-year agreement executed by Jet Airways.

All  the above facets clearly indicate a fast growth of Indian Aviation Industry is to be the major  thrust  at furthering enormous opportunities for Exporters in many sectors including afford of facilitated transportation.

Demand For Aviation Personnel

The imposing high demand, thus, for more Pilots, aeronautical engineers and allied technicians clears up the way for the fifty-and-above private training academies to churn out fast around 10,000 Pilots and the rest in the coming TEN YEARS. Such a huge exigency lays an absorbing demand for acquiring new and newer aircraft galore in a phased routine, too.

World Opinions

France and UK share the credible view that the present Indian Aviation scenario presents a truly healthy sign at promoting the Indian Aviation sector amplifying their own idea to strengthen partnerships.

This supplements the Indian Market Review by Aircraft manufacturers and Boeing which portends a solid Indian growth towards attaining $100 billion to $135 billion by year 2028 further healthily adding that the Indian low-cost-carriers would certainly embark on commissioning several very large aircraft as Airbus 380 and Boeing’s 787 over the coming 20 years. India is declared as world’s third largest Aviation Sector.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) proclaims a continuing improvement in International scheduled air traffic commencing January 2010, thus, viewing a passenger bulge up to 6.4% while International cargo shall mount to 28.3%.

This leads to gross visualization of 580 million passengers by 2016-17 augmenting provision of $103 millons to modernize non-metro airports to world class standards extending 100% foreign equity private participation on liberalized terms for carrying out the airport infrastructure so vital to last the enlarged competition.

WHAT MORE - Ten Greenfield Airports are also on the anvil at construction as planned.

Authoritative Market Forecast

Market Forecasts further more strongly predict that india would be the ultimate fastest growing country for air travel for next ten years recording an average increase of 12.2% per year of domestic traffic.

Demand for following Aviation Courses in India.

Commercial Pilot Training [ Aeroplanes ]   CPL / IR / ME
Helicopter Pilot Training                             HCPL
Aircraft Maintenance Courses                    AME
Aeronautical Courses                                
Aerospace Engineering Courses
Aviation Management
Cabin Crew (Flight Attendant) Training
Air Traffic Controller course
Flight Dispatcher Course
Type Rating Compnies [ A 320 & B 737 ]
Aviation Placement companies
Aviation Education Loan Providers


The advantages for participating Overseas Academies

The IATE 2011 Expos offer an efficient and cost-effective means of presenting the overseas Aviation Academies  to prospective Indian students interested in studying abroad. The events provide overseas Academies ’ representatives with valuable exposure and yield good recruiting results. IATE 2010 is a win – win plateform for all who are participating.

The benefits for Indian students

Indian students, who are aspiring to go overseas for Aviation courses, will have excellent opportunities to meet the different countries and Academies  representatives on a single platform.

Students can gain more knowledge and information about the different Aviation programs in different countries.

Excellent opportunities for the students to comparatively settle with a particular country’s institution.

Opportunity for the students to gain clarifications on all their doubts, face to face with institution representatives.

Opportunity to know about the institution’s facilities and infrastructure through audio visual presentations.

Excellent chances for the parents also to have a direct interaction with the Academies  to get a confident version about the Academies .

Students can know about the placement services of the Academies  with the knowledge of the particular countries’ stay back options, at the end of the course.

Golden opportunities to the students to check their eligibility or entry requirement for the chosen course directly with the institution representatives

At the same time students can get information about Education Loan and  Aviation Placement opportunities world wide.

Structure of IATE 2012

IATE 2012  Expos have been planned as to be conducted in Indore one of the Major city  Of  India which is very  well centrally located. So students from pan India can reach Indore.  Indore is very well  connected by all mode of transportations.

Expos will be conducted in centrally located air-conditioned hall which is well known and easily accessible venues in each city. The halls have facilities to accommodate easily upto 150 students at a time.

On  each Day , the program shall start by morning 10 and end by 5.30 in the evening.

The first half (10 am to 1.30 pm) has been divided into 20 min slots and during each slot the participating overseas Academies  will give presentations about their Academies . The second half, 2.30 - 5.30, has been devoted for the students to have a one to one discussion or interaction with the overseas Academies . Spot admissions also can be done during the second -half session.

Inviting aspiring students to IATE 2012

Students those who are looking for a career in Aviation are invited to attend this Expo. The students who look for Pilot Training, Helicopter Pilot Training, Diploma, Bachelor and Masters degree courses can find a easy solution through this Expo. In Expo, students can get the details about the courses, Academies  and countries. They will also have a chance to interact with the institution’s representatives to clarify all their doubts.

Participants  have been invited from following countries.

New Zealand
Sri Lanka
U. K.

Visitors Profile :

The Expo will have following visitors
Principals / Teachers of various schools & Colleges
Trainee Pilots / AMEs
Airlines Staff
Freshers looking for a job in Airlines

AsiaticAir's Capabilities to Organize this Mega International Airline Training Expo

AsiaticAir possesses more than 10 years of rich experience in the education sector.

AsiaticAir  , established in 2000, with the goal of giving genuine services to the students who aspire to go abroad for Aviation courses. It has achieved the same by collaborating with premier Academies  abroad. All these years, it has rendered its services to more than 650 students on career settlement.

AsiaticAir has been certified for ISO 9001:2000  for the quality of service in this field.

AsiaticAir strongly believes in providing honest, up-to-date and accurate information with friendly and courteous service through its trained educational counselors. The staff are well trained to be familiar with the DGCA / ICAO / FAA / CAA / CAAP formalities and those of other countries’ Aviation requirements. They are ideally equipped to assist students to go through the entire gamut of the admission process.

By knowing the Pilot training students’ importance at gaining basic knowledge of flying, it has imported a flight simulator from USA and installed it in its Indore office. The students are strongly recommended to do the initial ground classes and simulator training for 30 hours to get a first hand experience and knowledge of cockpit before they sit in the real aircraft.

Pre-Flight & Pre departure orientation and counseling are also provided to all students before they leave for abroad to pursue the training.

AsiaticAir's Services to the Students and Overseas Academies. AsiaticAir have many  Foreign Trained Pilots [ FAA / CAA / CAAP ]  who speak same Aviation language.

AsiaticAir recruits well-qualified and financially viable students from India for admission to the programs of abroad Academies  throughout the year.

AsiaticAir has been already organizing periodic recruiting events in India for overseas Academies .

AsiaticAir remains in constant communication with the overseas Academies  with regard to all aspects of application process until the students get admission and actually enroll.

AsiaticAir gives accurate and up-to-date information about programs to Indian students and helps them interpret that information. AsiaticAir advises the students and parents about the admission criteria and other course requirements.

AsiaticAir distributes application forms, catalogues, test forms, etc., to Indian students in a prompt manner. AsiaticAir provides Indian students with proper estimates of tuition,

and other expenses. AsiaticAir preprocesses all applications ahead of sending them to overseas Academies  for further scrutiny. AsiaticAir ensures the authenticity of all documents from students.

AsiaticAir ensures about their seriousness at studies, their financial ability to support the studies, their definite plan after studies and about their high level awareness of the institution they choose to attend.

AsiaticAir ensures complete documentation including declaration of finances, when applications are sent to overseas Academies . In cases where students are in need of funds, AsiaticAir assists for bridging finance through Indian banks.

AsiaticAir provides expert guidance to students for obtaining visa from the Foreign consulates, enjoying a high rate of visa procurement success. Pre-departure orientation and counseling courses are also provided to all students before they leave for study abroad.

Promotions  &  Publicity  :

The Expo shall be widely published on all media, including Print Media, Electronic and thru our own 60 Aviation Portals on Internet.  Promotions in Schools & colleges shall be part of our promotions.  Minimum 3000 – 5000 prospective visitors we are expecting into Expo.

Tariff  :

Normal tariff to participate is USD $ 900 for 3 days participation. An early bird offer till 30th June 2010 is only USD $ 750. Mode of payment is Bank Transfer or PayPal.  We also accept all major International Credit Cards.


Q. How can I register myself for this Show?


Q. Why I’ve not Received my Invitation Passes Still?


 Q. For VISA Process I need Confirm Registration & Invitation Passes?

A. You will find Send Enquiry for Visitor Registration option on web site . When you send us filled in form with fees we will send you an Invitation to you which will put any query and send, it reaches help you to get your Indian VISA.

Q.  Kindly Give Me Detailed Information About The Show?

A. The information associated with IATE 2010  is best available on our official website

 Q. How Can I Approach this Venue?

A. As soon as you arrive at Indore from Airport your local coordinator will help you to reach at venue.

 Q. Kindly Provide Me the Complete Information About the Organizer?


 Q. Kindly Provide Me the Contact Information and email ID of the Organizer?

A. The information associated with IATE 2010  is best available on our official website

 Q. I Want the Information about Hotels near by Venue ?

A. The information associated with IATE 2010  is best available on our official website

 Q.  How Can I Contact You?

A. The contact information associated with IATE 2012  is best available on our official website

Q.  How Can I transfer the fees ?

A. We accept Bank wire transfer as well as Paypal.  You can get more info on our official websites   or

 Highlites of Expo :

[1]  Only 2-3  Academy from each category and maximum participants would be only 12.
[2]  On line & physical Expo
[3]  Every Academy shall be having personal qualified Project officer to assist them locally.
[4]  Every training company participating in Expo would have their own webpage on Expo site as
[5]  AsiaticAir will publish Expo info booklet with information of all Academies and give to all registered student free of charges.
[6]  After Expo AsiaticAir will take care of all follow ups and registration process.

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