Some of the very Important SEO tips for your Facebook Fan Page

For this, here are 10 relevant tips intended to create a better positioning of your site in search engines, engage your fans and to promote your company/brand/product with your customers.
1.Choose your name correctly
The name of your Fan Page is vital. Ask yourself, "What name is known for my target market?What words written in Google and Facebook will help my page be easily found?". Do not fall into the temptation to include many industry specific keywords, this is not well regarded by users, remember that you your name must be recognizable. If you have over 25 fans, you can access the direct URL of Facebook and change the little positional figures that Facebook gives on pages by default while meditating for your decision on what name to choose. Having your name will help in positioning on Facebook and on major search engines.
2. Choose an appropriate category
The choice of the category of your business in facebook will affect the number and type of information appearing on it. For example, if you want to create a fan page of a restaurant, important information for our future clients will be "opening hours" or "ways of payment." In this case we should choose the restaurant category. If you want to promote a beverage company that offers no factory sales, your address information will be of little relevance. You can omit this information and put more emphasis on what is your product. Facebook provides different categories in brand, product or organization. You should pay special attention in choosing the category since, as with the name of the fan page, you can not change it once saved.
3. Use properly the About section
Just 250 characters to introduce in this section, use them correctly and include the keyword or keywords most relevant to your business. It is also a good place to put the url of your website and generate a link that can lead traffic to your site.

4. Fill in the data header
Here is a valuable space to include relevant keywords. Fields are not only relevant to the user (opening hours, services offered, etc..), but there is an area to write what we necessary believe. As we made our choice of category, additional fields will appear in paragraph information.
5. Create custom tabs
Facebook offers several possibilities for fan pages: add FBML pages, which can be converted to HTML or Flash, which in return can be integrated. Both options are used. A basic knowledge of HTML is sufficient to add a tab which in turn include relevant information and keywords. This is a very good tool for your product or to get found by fans.
6. Hang on a frequent links in the wall of your page
Includes links through role bindings attach to the wall of your page. Search engines positively valued individual contributions of this type especially if they are going o your homepage. You can take advantage explain the reason why I hang up and use a few keywords. Doing so will also include the share button that can increase the virality of the publication.
7. Add relevant photos, videos, and events Every photo, video or event that crashes can be accompanied by texts. Use this opportunity to add relevant keywords in your posts. Do not forget that you write to your fans (and not for search engines), so your text should not be repetition of meaningless relevant keywords. It is important to use keywords, an abuse of them can have a counterproductive result. So you should pay attention to the relevance of content and information.
8. Have a large number of fans
The purpose of a fan page is to have as many followers as possible. Very important is the degree of interaction between your site and your fans (for example with comments and "likes" received by each publication and comments shared by your fans on the web with their friends). Also keep in mind if the fans are really fans of the product or just the name makes them grace and how they react to the content of the page.
9. Get links from Facebook because of your fans
The public Facebook page profiles is indexed in Google and Bing, there are links to pages of Facebook users who are fans, so the presence in these public pages, is vitally important to get links from within Facebook.
10. Create events to your page
Another section of Facebook that is indexed by search engines are the events, so it is important to keep this in mind and you generate events to your page. Events must include our keywords and the Facebook fan page objectives , as the website of your company making the connection between them.
Some more professional tips you may use : 
11. Generate links to your site from outside Facebook
Whenever possible try to get links from your website and / or blog or others, and you can with the widget FanBox because it is very useful.
12. Increase the interaction: Create sound advice
If you publish content relevant to your fans, the probability of interaction with them will increase. Interesting comments can be a link exchange, your fans to share information with friends and increased traffic on our fan page or website.
There are many more possibilities for your Facebook fan page to be located in the top positions of major search engines Google, Bing or Yahoo. Facebook currently has over 500 million users and is expected to continue upward trend in the coming months. A good use of your Facebook fan page can be very positive for your business.

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