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Building links to your website, or another way to put it, website link building is an extremely effective way for your site to gain popularity in the search engines.

There are three main types that you must be aware of before you first engage in a link-building campaign.

One-way Links:
These are those hyperlinks that point to your own site that you aren't linking back to. For instance, let's say that someone found the contents of your website particularly useful and felt that their site visitors would enjoy it as well. So they place a link to your site from their own. This is a one-way link and these are ideally, the best kind to have (with an exception).

This exception is whether or not that hyperlink is a do-follow or a no-follow and we'll discuss what those are next.

No-Follow Links:
Sometimes a site that is linking to you will use a no-follow link.

Whenever someone uses no-follow on their websites and then place a hyperlink to you on their website, your site is still linked to but when search engines stop by that website that's using "no-follow" it tells the search engines to not follow that hyperlink to it's destination.

This means that you don't get credit for it as far as the search engines are concerned but you still do have the opportunity to get more traffic to your site from the site visitors themselves who visit that website. It's just not counted as a true "link" where the search engines are concerned.

Reciprocal Links:
This is where you and another website owner agree to swap links with one another. In other words, some website will promise to add a hyperlink on their site to you if you also link back to them. They aren't the best kinds to have but they do help a little bit.

Google especially is smart enough to know if you're engaging in this kind of strategy and so they don't tend to take these kinds of links very seriously.

In the most ideal situation, the best kind of hyperlinks that you want coming to your site are those that are one-way (you're not trading with someone else), AND that are followed.

If you've found a site like this, it's a great resource for you to use. Even better, if that site is considered an authority site within your industry.

So there you have it. The three main kinds of links to look out for and which ones are the ideal ones to have when it comes to getting traffic to your own website.

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