What is International Pilot Training

The International Pilot Training Program is all-inclusive and takes you from Zero Time to Commercial Pilot Multi Engine.The education and training needed to become a pilot largely depends on the type of pilot you want to be. The most basic license is known as a private pilot's license. From that point, you will need to get instrument ratings, have a number of certificates and log hundreds of hours in the air. This can cost tens of thousands of dollars. For those who want to save some money, the military may offer a cheaper option.
Being a pilot sounds like an exciting career, and it can be. However, being a pilot also requires a lot of hard work. We believe that initial pilot training is critical to setting the values and practices that a pilot will carry throughout his or her career in aviation.

A commercial pilot is a highly trained professional who may dust crops, put out fires, fly passengers or cargo or rescue people. Depending on the type of pilot you want to be, you will need an education and a high degree of training to do the job you wish to do. Deciding on what kind of pilot you want to be is the first step to training to become one.

Becoming a pilot, whether commercial or private, is a rewarding challenge. The academic side of flight training can be demanding and requires arduous study. Beyond that, the pilot must be able to practically apply his/her training the dynamics of piloting an aircraft. Successfully becoming a pilot requires an innate personal skill set that must be part of the pilot's personality. The Federal Aviation Administration has identified these skills.

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