AeroSoft Corp Best Aviation Based Small Business Ideas for Interns

AeroSoft Corp Best Aviation Based Small Business Ideas for Interns

WelCome to AeroSoft Corp 

AeroSoft Corp is a very Small sized newly establishing player in the Global Aviation IT market yet a Pioneer in Virtual Aviation Market in Asia. AeroSoft Corp Aims at creating a very Different, Low Cost, Win Win, Recession Proof, Virtual Aviation Market in Asia. 

1. Aviation Based Small HR Consulting Service

We have several years of experience in any Aviation-related field and 

Specialization in Aviation Online Flight School, We are trying to turn that 

into a Good Recession Proof Aviation Based Small Business by offering 

Consulting Services to those who need them. For example, if you have retired 

as a seasoned Pilot or HR with huge experience in the Aviation Sector, you can 

offer expert advice to new Airline and Private Airline operators on how to 

attract customers and grow their Business.

2. Airline Training  Marketing

Some Airline operators reward people who can bring them customers. And they 

usually pay huge commissions for each customer referred to them. The 

commissions are even higher for luxury Airline operators who hire out private 

jets. If you have solid marketing skills and can easily convince people to 

take any action you expect of them, then you can earn a huge monthly income as 

referral commission from Airline operators.

3. Aviation Online Flight School

Whether you are a practicing or retired pilot, you can share your Aircraft 

flying knowledge and skills with others by setting up your own flight school. 

Although this will require some licensing, the whole startup process is 

relatively easy. Many people are willing to learn how to fly Aircraft, and 

they will be willing to pay to get this knowledge from your flight school.

4. Aviation Blogging

If you pride yourself on having deep knowledge of the Aviation industry in 

your country, then you can start a blog and share your knowledge with others. 

Although your ultimate goal is to generate profits, you will need to focus on 

building a loyal audience through publishing quality, helpful, and valuable 

information. Once your blog becomes popular, you will be able to monetize it 

through multiple options, such as affiliate marketing, advertising, and so on

5. Airport Catering Service

While waiting for their flights or after their hour-long flights, Airline 

passengers usually feel the need to take some food. This is where Airport 

restaurants and snack bars come in handy. If you pride yourself on having 

great culinary skills, you should consider starting a catering service that 

offers food to Airport passengers. Similarly, you can collaborate with Airline 

operators and provide pre-flight meals to their customers.

6. Aviation Online Sales 

Since Aircraft Models and Pilot Shops are common and are used every day, it goes without saying that some of their parts would need to be replaced at intervals or whenever they 

get damaged suddenly. This creates huge profit opportunities for businesses 

that offer these parts for sale. If you have the required startup capital and 

are very good at building connections, then you should consider starting a 

business that sells Aircraft spare parts to Airline operators. 
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Payment Details :  USD $ 500 Per Month  
                [ INR 30,000 Per Month  ]

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CabinCrew Career Guide By Air Hostess Pragati Srivastava If U Wana Become an AirHostess Read 

CabinCrew Career Guide By Air Hostess Pragati Srivastava and Pilot Capt 

Shekhar Gupta

CabinCrew Career Guide By Air Hostess Pragati Srivastava 

If U Wana Become an AirHostess Read CabinCrew Career Guide By Air Hostess 

Pragati Srivastava and Pilot Capt Shekhar Gupta



Nidhi Arora  [MBA]
Manager Mktg
Phone / Mobile : [91] 9971023639
                + 91 9977513452 
Google Talk : nidhi.8519()
Twitter : nidhi8519()



Capt Shekhar Gupta
WA +91 9111103800
PH  +919826008899

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Best Business ideas in the general Aviation Industry

6. Aircraft maintenance service

Aircraft crashes are usually fatal and poor maintenance practices is one of 

the commonest causes of crashes. This explains why Airline operators are 

required to routinely check and maintain their Aircraft. If you have the 

required knowhow, then starting an Aircraft maintenance business might be your 

own way of tapping from the profits in the Aviation industry.


10. Airport currency exchange

If you live close to an international Airport and are looking to start your 

own business, then you should consider starting a currency exchange business 

within the Airport provided you have the required know-how. Passengers 

entering and leaving a country usually exchange their currency at the Airport, 

so there’s a huge market to cater to.

1. Aviation fueling service

The Aviation fueling business is as old as the Aviation industry itself. And 

it’s a very lucrative venture, since every Aircraft needs fuel to fly. The 

business caters to both commercial and private Airline operators, so there’s a 

decent market for smart players. If you have the required experience and 

startup capital, starting an Aviation fueling business can be a very 

profitable business venture.

2. Aircraft wash service

Aircraft are washed regularly in order to make them look clean and attractive. 

In fact, clean Aircraft is one of the reasons why customers love some Airline 

operators. This explains why most operators deem it necessary to wash their 

Aircraft often. Starting an Aircraft washing service requires no formal 

qualifications or certification and requires minimal startup capital.



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