Asias First Online Singing Reality Show.

Reality Shows gets so much popularity because every house has Cable connection and also digital world have made the TRPs of all these shows going high every day.

 Everyone has heard about the singing contest but this topic is all about ONLINE SINGING REALITY SHOW- heard about it ?

Sounds interesting isn’t it ? 

It’s a new thing coming up you can name it the First Online Singing Talent Show of Asia and even you can make it the best one. With the support of you all viewers it can be the Best Online Singing Talent Show of Asia and also join hands together and participate in the singing contest if you have the winning spirit in you. It’s just a video of the song you have to send sung by you and the selection will be done by the honorable judges. It is the Alfa Asias First Online Singing Reality Show. 

Best Online Singing Talent Show of Asia 2017
Are You Ready to get Lucky this Year
Dates for Apply   : 1 October to 25 October 2017
Dates for Contest: 14 November to 25 December 2017
Limited Earlybird Passes at INR 199/- only 
Buy the passes online at :

For more information visit :

For Queries and Registration: 

WhatsApp / Call us on: 
Nidhi Jain   
General Manager Operations
Alfa Bloggers Group

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